Blogging is now something I am doing!

Well hello there WordPress and who ever may be interested in listening to me ranting about my ideas and aspiration! This is now my blog (that will eventually at some point be linked into a bio section for my website, which currently does not exist. But it is a thought of mine, and it will exist in the near-ish future. I promise). Here as my posts progress and happen on a regular basis you will find “B-roll footage”, behind the scenes shots, and ideas that are in development.

Now that the intro is finished, i guess i will proceed to tell all about today, as it was rather productive. More productive than usual. The random snow dumping we got hit with made for hellish conditions on the road, and as i got on the highway around 05:40 I heard over the radio that Humber college was closed for the day. I took the next exit off, got back home before 06:00, downed multiple coffees and got right to work.

for blog

Finished my “Car” assignment, added a photo to my 500px account, drew up a story board (for a soon to come video), sent out emails about my internship, got one photo ready for an upcoming photo contest, worked on a recent business portrait I took over the weekend and I got this blog up and running.

As mentioned above, i uploaded a pic to 500px, it appears to have been received rather well.

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