Returning to the blog

It has been a number of years since the last time I updated my WordPress page. I created this blog as part of a school assignment while I was studying at photography at Humber college. We were required to make something like 3 blog posts in one of our classes to receive maximum marks. Not caring much for social media at the time (I didn’t even have Instagram back then), I made the required amount of posts and then moved on to other priories that I had.

A lot has happened over the years since my graduation from Humber. I immediately began contract work for the military, and ended up missing my college convocation. I was working in a field that had nothing to do with photography, but I slowly found ways to include it into my job, as merely a secondary or tertiary task. I was awarded some amazing opportunities, being able to work in the Adirondack Mountains of north eastern New York, or Resolute Bay, Nunavuat in the Canadian high arctic, and now currently in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta.

While the experiences I have had in this job were amazing, it has kept me from my passion of photo. Being content kept me from embracing the unknown, and as my current contract comes to an end, I am looking for change, and have decided to dive deep into the unknown. I’m taking time now to update and revamp my website, resume, and other social media outlets, (such as 500pix) that I have neglected.

I’ll Keep you all posted, in the mean time check out my Instagram or website
Insta: @justindre_photography