Plans for reading week

For reading week this year I will be volunteering / helping the museum for the Queens Own Rifles Of Canada, which is located at Casa Loma. I have already gone down, picked up a box of old photographs, a couple of really large framed images that are around 100 years old and I photographed every picture in a photo album from 1959. Aside from scanning, sorting and retouching, I will attempt to colorize a few of these old photos. The image at the start of this post is my first attempt. Im sure that by the end of reading week the retouched images will look even better than this current one.

Something that will make colorizing old military photos easy is that I wont need to guess what color their clothing should be. I already have some reference images of uniforms from that time period to source colors from. The vast majority of these photos were taken outside, with further simplifies the guess work regarding what colors I should be using. Should be a good go, i’m into history, and I like a challenge. I can also try to do this with Affinity as well, hopefully formulate a decent opinion of the program.

I’ll also make an attempt to build a website during my time off. I’ll update you all throughout the week.

PPOC Contest

I Finally entered into the PPOC student photography contest! Now the waiting game begins!

The first image I entered was one of a soldier. He is a good friend of mine, Corporal (Cpl) Hall, a reservist from Toronto. The photo was taken on an exercise back in the fall.  It was a warm October day, Cpl Hall and the platoon (roughly 20 guys) he was in were practicing attacks and patrolling all morning at the base in Meaford. It was part way through the walk back to the rest of the unit, that we took a break. It was during this break I managed to snap the image of Cpl Hall. A look cold stern look on his face. Camouflage paint worn down from sweat and exertion. We had been on the move since waking up at 05:00 in the morning, and we have been on our feet since, and it was only mid day. He knew that the day was far from being over and sleep was even farther. That night we patrolled through dense bush. Concealed in the black void we made our way to an enemy compound. The attack was swift, deliberate. when the smoke settled, we were already gone.


“A moment of Rest”
I left it in black and white and choose to enter it for the editorial section rather than journalism

The second photo I entered is the “bolt carrier group” from an old rifle a relative of mine owned. The rifle it’s self was from the German military. Te date stamped into was 1942, and along with each individual piece having a serial number, it had eagle┬áinsignias everywhere. The “bolt carrier group” is where the firing pin is located, held, cocked and when the trigger is pulled, smashes into the primer of a bullet firing it.

I took it apart and placed the pieces in relation to where they would be when it is fully assembled. My influence for it came from blue prints and technical drawings. Despite the fact that it is a German rifle from WWII, the ammunition next to it is Greek manufactured from 1952.

“Bolt Assembly”
Entered in the illustrative category